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As a firm that works in big data, we see numbers daily. A lot of our business relies on creating and working towards client KPI’s. We analyze so many numbers that I have dreams about data. Simply put, we know data and we know how vital it can be to transforming revenue streams and optimizing profits. However, for us, the most important KPI is unrelated to revenues or profits. The most important pieces of data we collect are on our Customer Satisfaction Index.

Customer Satisfaction Index

When we originally started Clear Strategy, one of the first things we did was create a Customer Satisfaction Index. This index contained 5 questions regarding our clients’ satisfaction levels with our performance. We ask about our delivery, value, people-calibre, their likeliness to recommend, and their likeliness to work with us again. We ask them to rate us on a scale of 1-100. Importantly, we leave space for additional comments so our client can share anything that isn’t captured by our 5 questions.

Why It’s Needed

From our previous experience working on the opposite side (as customers bringing in consultants), we recognized how beneficial receiving a post-project scorecard could be for improving our business. When your client hires you, it’s important to not overlook the opportunity for YOU to learn from THEM. We wanted complete honesty from our clients in order to learn where we could improve and where we were strong. Further, we wanted to challenge ourselves to face potential struggles head on and allow the client to have open communication with us throughout the whole process. If we are to be truly customer-centric and customer focused, it is important to get the voice of the customer. Once we know what our customer thinks, we are equipped to make strategic business decisions in line with their interests. The only way to ensure we know our customers’ true experience of working with Clear Strategy is through using the scorecard. 

Moving Forward

Since it’s origination, we’ve reaped the benefits of having clients fill out the scorecard through business improvements and relationship strengthening. We’ve used the feedback to ensure we deliver for our customers and benchmark the results across our customer base. In turn, we analyze the results every time an index is filled out and use this information to continually build a sustainable, reputable business. Additionally, by giving out our Customer Satisfaction Index after each completed project, we’ve made it clear to our clients that we care about their business and hold our work to a high standard. This has resulted in fantastic, ongoing client relationships and a strong word-of-mouth reputation for Clear Strategy; which is essential for successful B2B companies. As we move forward, we will continually adapt in order to stay on top of the constantly evolving data analytics, data strategy, and AI sector, but we will never change the use of our Customer Satisfaction Index. If you’d like to hear more about our scorecard, or want to discover what’s possible with data and AI, feel free to reach out HERE. Until next time, happy KPI tracking!