Clear Strategy consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, providing extensive expertise in Data, Analytics & AI Strategy, Data Architecture, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Project & Programme Management, Data Governance & Requirements Elicitation across multiple industries. Our consultants bring deep, functional expertise and are known for our delivery.

If you have a challenging business question we offer solutions for your organisation:

Data, Analytics & AI Strategy

Many companies fail to create a Strategy, resulting in misalignment of their strategic vision versus it’s execution, resulting in a whole host of problems. Assess your current state, benchmark against peers, map the future, and implement your customised roadmap.

The rate of change in both technology and business needs means companies must get real benefits from their technology investments, while improving their positioning and capabilities for the long term. Our experience of orchestrating company-wide strategies helps companies develop and implement technology road maps that deliver business benefits quickly. We help companies use technology to gain the competitive, cost, and operational advantages they need now.

We perform a clear and holistic assessment, encompassing hardware, software, process and people and partner with our clients to define a strategy that supports the business ambition.

Data Architecture

Increase profitability through the use of data collection and storage models.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Why suddenly AI? AI is underpinned by 30 years of investment in systems and technologies. It is a convergence of factors through advances of chip processing, computing power, cost of storage, algorithmic advances that has seen AI move from hype to reality.

The only way to master AI learning and realise its value is to begin. Clear Strategy helps companies dispel the myths of AI and understand the real capabilities of the available techniques and technologies.

We help companies identify and qualify business use cases that AI can (or can’t!) address. We provide the advice, experience and resources to our customers (using customers or clients?) in implementing AI projects within their business, from a technology, organisational and end-user adoption perspective. Where are your strengths and challenges when it comes to AI? What do you need to do to close the gap between where you are now and where you need to be?

Project & Programme Management

A sound business strategy is essential for a company’s success. Project Management is an art that helps you succeed where companies often fail – in implementation and execution of this strategy. We will advise and help you execute your complex initiatives so you can achieve your desired results.

Through effective project management, we control and deliver projects on time and to budget, minimising risk whilst achieving quality and maximising returns on your investment. Project management is at the heart of the core services delivered by our consultants.

Data Governance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on the 25th May 2018 and had a profound impact on the way organisations handle customer and personal data.

Our fast gap analysis provides a risk-based assessment which clearly highlights your strongest and weakest areas in relation to compliance with the GDPR legislation. This might include not having a data breach policy and plan, not having the right consent for marketing, or exposure from non-compliant 3rd party data processors.

Our recommendations and action plan prioritise the high-risk areas. Additionally, our team can provide pre-built accelerators to ensure you reach compliance.

Key areas we focus on include: Policies, Records of Process / Data Inventory, Process Mapping, Consent and Permission Management, Breach Management, and Subject Access Requests and Data Portability

Requirement Elicitation

Ensure all softwares and systems run smooth.